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Compact Microwave Power

Diamond Microwave’s strength is in Compact, microwave SSPA  or more specifically, compact GaN High-Power, Microwave Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPA), designed for use in a range of demanding high-performance applications such as radar, communications, medical and routine laboratory use.  Our microwave SSPA offer state-of-the-art peak power output performance with a power-to-volume ratio  which we believe to be among the highest in the microwave industry for such products.

Diamond Microwave SSPA portfolio

Includes both pulsed and CW high-power microwave SSPA with power output ranging from 100W to 1kW and operating in specific bands between 2GHz and 18GHz.  These compact and robust high power amplifiers are suited for use across a range of civil and military applications, such as:

  • Weather radar
  • Medical and materials science
  • Marine radar and maritime vessel traffic control
  • Air traffic control and Port security radars
  • Military tracking radars
  • Airborne or space-borne SAR for ground mapping
  • EW and jamming

Diamond Microwave Ltd (DML) is a technology startup, working at the leading edge of microwave GaN solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) research, design and development.  Our engineering resources have broad ranging design, development and manufacturing experience in the microwave field and we continue to work on improvements to bandwidth, power, efficiency and size.

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