C-Band (5.2-5.9GHz) 1kW Pulsed GaN High Power Amplifier (HPA)
  • Compact pulsed C-band GaN SSPA
  • 1kW min (+60dBm) peak pulsed power
  • 360deg, 6-bit Electronic phase control (via I2C bus)
  • Integrated over-temperature protection

Diamond Microwave 400W X-Band GaN SSPA

This C-Band 1kW SSPA is a compact and lightweight (1.5kg) microwave high-power pulsed amplifier which delivers in excess of 1kW (+60dBm) from 5.2GHz to 5.9GHz at up to 15% duty.

The saturated power gain of this C-Band 1kW SSPA is around 55dB with a 0dBm input.  The output connector is N-type female. The output and driver stages employ gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors giving state-of-the-art power performance with a power-to-volume ratio we believe to be among the highest in the industry for such products.

This high-power amplifier (HPA) is well suited to a range of radar applications, enabling our customers to use compact and reliable wideband SSPA technology instead of the incumbent traveling-wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs). This amplifier can readily be combined with external combining components to provide power up to 10kW and beyond – the internal phase shifter allows the user to optimise the combining efficiency to get the most out of their system. . The design is flexible in layout and architecture with small size, weight and power (SWAP) and can be tailored to meet individual specifications if required.

This SSPA senses temperature, duty cycle and operating current. Monitored parameters are addressable via the I2C bus with self-protection activated if the SSPA detects that a default or user-set threshold is crossed for temperature, or current. The SSPA can alert the host system when a threshold is exceeded. The alarm condition can be set to shut down the amplifier if maximum operating temperature is exceeded. This SSPA can also be provided with a SMART interface, similar to the DM-X400-02.

The DM-C1K0-04 is usually supplied without a heatsink, but a heatsink can be provided if required.

Diamond Microwave Slimline X-Band Power Amplifier

Power vs Frequency

Compact Microwave Power from Diamond Microwave

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