• Ultra-compact pulsed Ku-band GaN SSPA
  • 100W min peak pulsed power
  • Solid State alternative to TWTA

Diamond Microwave 100W Ku-Band SSPA

The DM-K100-06x is a 100W pulsed Ku-band SSPA operating from from 16.0 to 17.0 GHz.  This amplifier has been through extensive design proving in the field.

This 100W pulsed Ku-band SSPA can be provided with or without  a cooling assembly. The design is flexible in layout and architecture with small size, weight and power (SWAP) and can be tailored to meet individual interfacing specifications if required.

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The DM-SC100-02 is a 2-6GHz 100W GaN SSPA. This compact, lightweigh, high-power amplifier delivers >100W pulsed/CW (+50dBm) with 60dB linear gain. 28v PSU.
Diamond Microwave SSPA

Power vs Frequency

Compact Microwave Power from Diamond Microwave

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