DM-SC100-02 2-6GHz GaN SSPA

  • Wide-band 100W GaN SSPA Compact
  • Compact and lightweight at <0.75kg
  • Pulsed and CW operation
  • Ideal for electronic attack

This compact and lightweight 2-6GHz 100W GaN SSPA can operate in pulsed or CW modes and runs off a 28v supply with a linear gain of around 60dB.

This 2-6GHz 100W SSPA employs gallium nitride (GaN) high-power transistors in its output and driver stages, giving a compact and lightweight product with    state-of-the-art power performance and a power-to-volume ratio we believe to be among the highest in the microwave industry for such products.

This broadband 2-6GHz 100W high-power amplifier (HPA) is well suited to electronic warfare applications, particularly electronic attack (jamming), enabling defence customers to use wideband SSPA technology instead of the incumbent vacuum tubes or traveling-wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs).  Its small size, weight and power (SWAP)  of <0.75kg means it is also particularly suited for use in radar or EW applications installed in UAV’s, Drones or Man-Portable systems. This broadband amplifer design can be flexible in its layout, and architecture.  Both  electrical and mechanical interfaces can be tailored to meet individual specifications if required, so please send us your requirements and we can quickly let you know if they can be met.  The DM-SC100-02 is currently demonstrating success with one of our customers in a man-portable jamming system.

This amplifier is usually supplied without a heatsink or any thermal management assembly.  We can however provide tailored heat sinks (and can customise them to suit requirements).  An example using an aluminium heat sink and fans can be seen on the Diamond Microwave DM-K100-06x SSPA.

All of our high-power microwave amplifiers are continuously being improved, so please contact us for the latest specification as it is subject to change without notice.

The DM-SC100-02 is a 2-6GHz 100W GaN SSPA. This compact, lightweigh, high-power amplifier delivers >100W pulsed/CW (+50dBm) with 60dB linear gain. 28v PSU.
Compact Microwave Power from Diamond Microwave

Power vs Frequency

Compact Microwave Power from Diamond Microwave

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DPS DM-SC100-02 20180612

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