X-Band 1kW Pulsed GaN SSPA
  • Pulsed modular X-band high-power amplifier (HPA)
  • 900W min peak pulsed power
  • Efficiency >20%
  • Solid State alternative to TWT
  • Combined 2x DM-X400 models with external combiner
  • 360deg, 6-bit Electronic phase control (via I2C bus) on each amplifier

Compact Microwave Power from Diamond Microwave

The DM-X1K0-03 is a 1kW pulsed GaN SSPA which combines 2x DM-X400 models (DM-X400-02 or DMX400-04) to deliver up to 1kW in X-band with pulse widths up to 100μs and duty cycles up to 15%.

This 1kW pulsed GaN SSPA is a modular product, with an external stripline power combiner based on the proven Diamond Microwave DM-X400-02 Smart HPA.  The standard design has an N-type output co-axial connector and SMA input connector. This amplifier has been proven in the field in a customised arrangement for a portable X-band radar system.

The DM-X1k0-03 amplifier assembly can be provided with or without an aluminium heatsink to allow optimum flexibility in mechanical mounting and interfaces. The weight is <5kg (excluding heatsink).

This amplifier is well suited to a range of civil or military radar applications, enabling our customers to use compact and reliable wideband SSPA technology instead of the incumbent traveling-wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs). The design can be flexible in layout and architecture with small size, weight and power (SWAP) and can be tailored to meet individual interfacing specifications if required. Please send us your requirement spec and we’ll quickly say if we can meet it.

The SSPA provides an alarm to alert the host system when a temperature threshold is exceeded. The alarm condition can be set to shut down the amplifier if maximum operating temperature is exceeded.

All of our products are continuously being improved, so please contact us for the latest specification as it is

1kW pulsed GaN SSPA assemblyCompact Microwave Power from Diamond Microwave

Peak Power (W) 10us, 5%

Download Datasheet

DPS-DM-X1K0-03 20180320

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